Vcenter-A Series

Advanced performance: Z-axis acceleration 0.75G for quick tool exchange.

With the structure and specification enhancement on Z-axis acceleration 0.75G (0.6G for Vcenter-A130) and high rapid feed rate, the new A series Vcenters effectively upgrades the cutting efficiency and performance.

  • Z-axis acceleration 0.75G (Exc. Vcenter-A130), minimising tool changeover time.
  • Upgraded rapid feed minimises non-cutting time:
    • 42/42/42m/min for Vcenter-A85/A110
    • 36/36/36m/min for Vcenter-A130
  • Directly-coupled 12 000rpm oil-air spindle assures part surface finish.
  • The Supreme rigid column increases milling & tapping efficiency.
  • Long Y-axis travel of 780mm for Vcenter-A130.
  • Roller guideways, bottom guarding flush & Screw chip removers are included.

Models in Series


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