Vr Series (CE)

Precision built, high speed PIM machine series.

Hybrid high performance medium tonnage plastic The Vr series of injection moulding machines caters for your energy saving and repeatability requirement.

Victor VR series, with a tonnage of 350-850 tons, uses the advanced V-8000C controller and semi-closed loop hydraulic system. This range can match your requirements of quality, high-speed production, and precision moulding.

  • Heavy Duty, Rigid, Clamping Unit
  • Energy Saving Precision Hydraulic System
  • The V-8000C Semi-Closed Loop Controller
  • The advanced controller V-8000C series

Models in Series

  • Vr-350N
  • Vr-450P
  • Vr-550R
  • Vr-700R
  • Vr-850S
  • Vr-1000J
  • Vr-1300B

No specifications available.