Ve Series

Hydraulic Clamping Injection Moulding Machines

The Ve series, employs years of R&D and PIM laboratory experience and uses the most advanced components and highly innovative solutions, providing you with precise and consistent results even in the most unsuitable working conditions.
The Ve PIM machines are cost-effective to purchase and are easy to run and operate.

  • Cost-effective to purchase
  • Energy Saving Precision Hydraulic System
  • All-In-One Control V-7000 Control System
  • High precision injection unit
  • Heavy duty, rigid clamping unit
  • Easy to run and operate

Models in Series

  • Ve-110 Tons
  • Ve-120 Tons
  • Ve-140 Tons
  • Ve-180 Tons
  • Ve-220 Tons
  • Ve-280 Tons

No specifications available.