Vcenter AX800

5 Axis Machining

With the rotary table built next to the fixed table, this innovative model Vcenter-AX800 vertical machining center is equipped with a swivel head on the traveling column to implement 5-axis machining on large part (diameter up to 1000mm). Roller-cam-drive® mechanism for both rotary axes ensures sufficient rigidity for 4+1 axis heavy machining, and high rotation speed helps shorten overall cycle time compared as conventional worm gear mechanism.

  • Swivel head (B-axis) and rotary table (C-axis) facilitate 5-axis machining of large parts, up to 1000mm in diameter.
  • C-axis table is clamped at high torque 3433 Nm for heavy cutting.
  • The B-axis swivel head includes a Hirth coupling with 1°
    increm ent further enhancing the rigidity, and 4+1 axis machining capability.
  • BBT-40 spindle 15000rpm (22kW)

X-axis travel mm 1600
Y-axis travel mm 700
Z-axis travel mm 600 (vertical milling)
1000 (horizontal milling)
Table working area mm 1250 x Ø800
Number of tools 40
Spindle Taper BBT-40
Spindle Speed rpm 15000
Spindle Power kw 15/18.5/22
Machine Weight tons 15500

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