Vα II-150G

Second Generation All-Electric Injection Moulding Machine

  • All-electric machines dramatically reduce operating costs, using 50 – 80 percent less power than equivalent hydraulic machines. Connected power requirements for an electric machine are 30% of those of a hydraulic machine. Furthermore, factory equipment cost is saved (such as air conditioning, cooling water, etc.) and its low noise levels improve the plant environment.
  • Cooling water usage saving of 1/5 or less of the hydraulic machine.
  • Uses no hydraulic oil.
  • Thanks to a smart regenerative power module, the braking energy recovered during clamp deceleration and other functions is stored and re-used.

Screw Diameter mm 38 40 46
Injection Capacity Max. (PS) g 171 190 250
Injection Pressure Max kg/cm2 2564 2314 1750
Standard type Injection Rate cm3/sec 227 251 332
Standard type Injection Speed mm/sec 200
High speed type Injection Rate (Option) cm3/sec 340 376.8 498
High speed type Injection Speed (Option) mm/sec 300
Screw Stroke mm 160
Clamping Force tons 150
Max. Clamp stroke mm 400
Min / Max Mould Height mm 150 – 480
Ejector Stroke mm 100
Tie-Bar Distance (HxV) mm 560 x 510
Machine Weight tons 8.22
Machine Dimensions m 5.069 x 1.601 x 2.114

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