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Multiple-X Evolution - Launched at TIMTOS 2009 the X300 offers simultaneous 5-axis machining on large parts up to 1100mm diameter and 4-axis machining up to 3000mm long. With swivel head spindle and off center rotary table, the X300 leads a new revolution in large capacity 5-axis machining.

The all new Vturn 45/220 has a bar capacity of 117mm and 2200mm 'Z' axis travel. A big, rigid, solid boxway lathe for large diameter or long shaft machining.

Another excellent addition to the workhorse range of Victor CNC lathes.

Victor Fortune (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce its very first installation of the VTURN-V1000 CNC Lathe a few weeks ago.

Following the success of the Vturn-V760, with a swing diameter of 1100mm (43.3") and a maximum turning diameter of 1000mm (39.4") this VTL Vturn-V1000 with its powerful 45kw (60HP) spindle motor coupled to a 2 step gearbox provides high torque at low rpm's. Contact us for more information.

The Vcenter-165 is currently Fortune’s largest machining center. Its all-round strength and rigidity make this machine ideal for machine shops looking to carry out some very heavy types of machining. Designed with some of the latest design and analysis techniques, the Vcenter-165 boasts a structure that has been dynamically simulated to operate under some of the harshest of machining conditions.

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