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Victor Fortune (Pty) Limited are the sole agents for VICTOR "CNC" Lathes, Machining Centres and Plastic Injection Moulding machines.

We have installed over 900 CNC's and 250 Plastic injection moulding machines in South Africa.

vcenter110We pride ourselves in service excellence. Our Service Engineers are experts in their field and have all received in-house training at our factory in Taiwan.

Victor – The Manufacturer

CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing

To ensure consistency in our machine's quality, all structural components are machined in-house. Two giant 5-face machining centres complete all operations on machine beds for our own CNC machines and also for export to Japan while two FMS lines are used to rigidly control and monitor the machining of various platens and other casted parts on our plastic Injection Moulding Machines. To further improve production efficiency a computer integrated manufacturing system for sheet metal, the first in Taiwan, has been installed.

Quality Assurance

Before any machine leaves the factory it must be ready to begin production and guarantee many years of service to the customer. Machine quality is the responsibility of everyone involved in the machine manufacture. From the platen machining through to packaging every team member is trained to inspect and grade the machine quality. Furthermore an array of rigorous quality inspections have been designed to ensure every machine meets these demands. Machine component inspection, platen parallelism, hydraulic system pressure and plastic parts production are just some of the tests carried out on every machine.

Moving Pallet Assembly Line

With the philosophy that quality must be built in, not inspected on, Victor has successfully implemented TQM. This was shown by being the first machine builder to win the prestigious National Quality Award, the same year as AT & T Taiwan. In particular our moving pallet assembly line, the first of its kind in Taiwan for Injection Moulding Machines, has led to much greater control over the machine assembly, with each station devoted to a single assembly process allowing much simpler in-process inspection. The improved efficiency of the assembly line ensures we can keep machine cost down, yet without compromising on machine quality.

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